Which of the following vital signs would the nurse expect to find initially when assessing the patient?



Question 1

A nurse who provides care on an acute medicine unit has frequently recommended the use of nicotine replacement gum for patients who express a willingness to quit smoking during their admission or following their discharge. For which of the following patients would nicotine gum be contraindicated?


A.            A patient whose stage III pressure ulcer required intravenous antibiotics and a vacuum dressing


B.            A patient with a history of angina who experienced a non-ST wave myocardial infarction


C.            A patient who received treatment for kidney failure due to an overdose of acetaminophen


D.            A patient whose pulmonary embolism was treated with a heparin infusion

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Question 2

A patient who has been taking buspirone (BuSpar) for 1 week calls the clinic and reports to the nurse that the drug is not working. The patient informs the nurse that she is still having symptoms of anxiety. The nurse will tell the patient that


A.            she will report this to the physician immediately.


B.            it may take up to 6 months for the drug to relieve her anxiety.


C.            optimum relief of anxiety usually occurs after 3 to 4 weeks of treatment.


D.            the drug is not going to work for her and the medication needs to be changed.

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Question 3

A patient has been admitted to the ICU because of multiple traumas due to a motor vehicle accident. The physician has ordered propofol (Diprivan) to be used for maintenance of sedation. Before administration of propofol, a priority assessment by the nurse would be to check for a history of


A.            diabetic hyperlipidemia.


B.            increased intraocular pressure.


C.            seizure disorders.


D.            low blood pressure.

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Question 4

A 39-year-old patient who is having trouble sleeping is beginning drug treatment with zaleplon (Sonata). The nurse will be sure to ask the patient if she is taking


A.            oxycodone (Percodan).


B.            secobarbital (Seconal).


C.            cimetidine (Zantac).


D.            meperidine (Demerol).

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Question 5

A nurse is caring for a patient who has been admitted with acute cocaine intoxication. Which of the following vital signs would the nurse expect to find initially when assessing the patient?


A.            BP: 130/88, P: 92, R: 28


B.            Blood pressure (BP): 98/50, pulse (P): 120, respirations (R): 40


C.            BP: 170/98, P:110, R: 20


D.            BP: 150/90, P: 80, R: 16

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