While German Americans believe in the germ theory of infection

94. Teas used to treat mental illnesses in the Hispanic population are herbs common in the United States. Yerba buena is an herb used to treat nervousness. Its English name is

a. spearmint.

b. basil.

c. orange leaves.

d. chamomile.

95. The percentage of live births to women receiving third-trimester or no prenatal care is higher for Hispanics than the general population. This would imply that

a. more prenatal services are needed for the general population.

b. some prenatal care is better than no prenatal care.

c. Hispanics possibly have better self-care prenatal practices than the general population.

d. live birth rates would be comparable if all women received appropriate prenatal care.

96. In examining the median age of population groups, the oldest group is

a. African Americans.

b. Hispanics.

c. Whites.

d. Native Americans.

97. While German Americans believe in the germ theory of infection, another potential cause of ILLNESS can be

a. stress-related occurrences.

b. envy by others toward that person.

c. a voodoo curse.

d. unholy actions done in life.

98. Treating a cough in the German tradition may include

a. eating chicken soup.

b. putting wet warm compresses on the chest.

c. drinking lemon juice and whiskey.

d. rubbing goose grease on the chest.

99. To treat a cough, a traditional Polish remedy is

a. taking garlic oil.

b. a mustard plaster on the chest.

c. drinking hot lemonade with whiskey.

d. goose grease rubbed on the throat.

100. When compared to all races, the White population has a higher

a. percentage of low birth-weight infants.

b. percentage of women receiving prenatal care.

c. infant mortality rate.

d. crude birth rate.



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