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WHO AM I? All the details about your character, including


  1. WHO AM I? All the details about your character, including name, age, origins, likes, dislikes, career, physical traits, opinions, beliefs, education, enemies, loved ones, socio-economic etc. What is your present state of being? How do you perceive yourself? (150-200 words)
  2. WHAT ARE THE GIVEN CIRCUMSTANCES? Where are you? What time is it? Why are you here and why is this moment important? Give the complete background to the situation. What has happened up to the moment the scene begins. What do you expect to happen? (150-250 words)

What is my relationship to the other character in the scene? Also include people related to my circumstances but not in the scene. (75-150 words)

  1. WHAT DO I WANT? My character’s need. The immediate and main objective. Write as “Immediate objective: . . .” and “Main objective . . .” Be concise. List immediate and main separately. (50 words)

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