Why is this important At some point early in your career you will most likely be asked tobrief executives on

Why is this important?
At some point early in your career you will most likely be asked to
brief executives on some IT related issues. This is not your standard
summary report – This is a C-Level Executive
briefing in the form of a very tight, to the point write-up.
This type of
situation presented for a briefing
is common. It is very easy to make decisions/choices based upon what you think you know or worse, what you think you want because of some preference, slick technology or coolness factors then, worse yet, bias your analysis. Remember that this is not an essay –
the CIO in the case needs clear, fact based answers.
The Briefing is a continuation of the Case Analysis and Presentation. As such, use as much of
the information as possible
learned from the analysis and presentations. There is an absolute limit of
1 page of written content single spaced, block justified plus a separate cover page with an Executive Summary
plus a separate endnote page. (See the module on C-Level Briefing for a full description of the requirements.) Do not deviate from the questions asked. Your task is to answer them very precisely and with a minimum of words.

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