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Widget Corporation Network Redesign Report


Group Project Report The body of the report for this project must be a minimum of five pages in length, but can be as long as you wish to make it. All seven elements listed previously must be included in the body of the report. The paper is to contain a title page, table of contents, and reference page, none of which are part of the five pages minimum required for the body of the report. Even if your group decides not to go with a Site-to-Site IPSec VPN as the means of connecting to the new American client for Widget Corporation, include the commands one could use to setup such a connection (refer to the lab from Week 5). You must also include the commands one would use to setup syslog on a network (refer to the lab from Week 6). There needs to be a section in the report where it clearly indicates the student’s name, the hours that student spent on the project, and exactly what it is they did. It is not to contain a generic research as what a student spent time working on. It must indicate how many hours they spent on research, what exactly they researched and what they did with the research they gathered as well as any other activities they engaged in. This section is also not part of the body of the report that has to be a minimum of five pages in length. If your suggested solution requires the purchase of any new equipment on the part of Widget Corporation, then a cost breakdown must be included that indicates how much this new equipment will cost. While all costs will be approximations, whatever costs you find from researching equipment will suffice. 

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