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Women in 19th Century

Description The paper will be eight pages long in double space in font size 12 with the 1-inch margin on all sides. It is a kind of mini-research paper with pieces of evidence from the book you have read, not from your research. It will take too much time and effort for you to base your paper on your own research. What is needed is a paper with an interesting topic, good amount of evidence (taken from the book you have read), and a reasonable argument that is based on the evidence you provided. Because this is a 100 level of class,  have a paper indicating that you have done your work and know how to write one. For the paper, you will use at least one book that is related to your topic as the main reference. You can use articles or online materials in addition to the book but not in lieu of the book. The main book should be a research one (mostly published by a university press with footnotes and bibliography). You may use a textbook in addition to the main book to help fill in material as necessary. Papers will be graded on content and quality of writing in general. All papers should have a well-developed theme and argument. Here is the book to use :

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Assignment Outline