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Workflow analysis

Workflow analysis is not an optional part of clinical implementations, but rather a necessity for safe patient care supported by technology. The ultimate goal of workflow analysis is not to “pave the cow path,” but rather to create a future-state solution that maximizes the use of technology and eliminates non–value-added activities. Apply concepts learned in chapter 13 to create a workflow analysis of a procedure common to your practice. Review a current workflow diagram in your area or consider a process that needs a workflow diagram. Ex: admission process to the emergency room Diagram the workflow for the procedure you chose. Have you included all of the steps? Assess each of the steps in the diagram and determine if they are value-added steps or non-value added steps. Is the non-value added steps necessary—i.e. required by accreditors or by law? Write a 2-4 page paper using APA format describing the workflow process you have chosen. Describe the diagram you have created, what metrics are used to evaluate the workflow, what are the areas for improvement, and conclusion. Include a copy of the workflow diagram in the paper. Review the student example Due Date

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