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WriteRecordand submit to theDiscussion Board:Write an informal proposal for aSir Gawainproject. In this selfdetermined project you have two goals: todemonstrate

and submit to the
Discussion Board:
Write an informal proposal for a
Sir Gawain
project. In this self-determined project you have two goals: to
demonstrate command of the entire epic and be work worthy of 100 points
(or ten percent of your overall grade)

Your proposal is worth (50 points); the project itself will be worth 100 points.
Details of proposal -project:
The is your opportunity to create your own assessment. You will be expected to upload your project for review by me and your classmates the last week of class. Every student in the class will be expected to write reviews of each project. You will be provided a rubric. Some examples of projects from prior years:
Researched papers
Recorded performances (one student rewrote
– the epic we were studying
that term – as a ballad and performed it on the banjo).
Dance routines choreographed to tell the tale of the epic
animation story boards
Remember, whatever you choose to do, you must describe it to your classmates in a proposal and consider their advice. The proposals will be reviewed to make sure they demonstrate command of the ENTIRE epic and represent work worthy of 100 pts. During the last week of class, you will be expected to present your project to the class either through a multi-media platform or in text.

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