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You must be knowing about logo generators or websites that


You must be knowing about logo generators or websites that let you design a logo on your own for free. All of these are the output of technology. Something that was not achievable earlier but now you can enjoy doing all those things with ease. The same is the case in integrating your logo on your videos. It was really very difficult earlier to put your logo in your video after editing but now it has become easier and you can do it without any problems.

And in today’s world, be it a tutorial video on your website or one that is put up on your YouTube channel-using the logo on your videos as a watermark has become a mandate. It keeps the authenticity alive even if people keep reposting it on their channels, and it also helps to brand your image. For those who do not have an idea yet, the logo you put up on your videos act as your brand’s element. So let’s have a look at multiple ways by which you can use your logo in your videos without being too loud about your name.

Why do you need a logo in your videos?

Having a logo at every property you create has become a must. It not only helps in distinguishing you from the crowd but also allows the people or viewers to know about your existence. Think of it this way: if your videos do not bear a logo or emblem, no one would know about your channel or your efforts of making that video. Whereas on the other hand if you put up a small logo it would determine that you have put in efforts to make the logo.

It will be due to this logo that people will start recognizing your channel or your website. And whenever they would want to know more about things that you offer in your videos, they will come to you. It becomes easier for people to view your channel in such cases. Another factor that comes to mind is publicity! With your logo being there on the channel it will also do your publicity. And that will steer people in knowing about you, your channel, your efforts, and every thing that you offer in your videos.

What are the ways to use a logo on your videos?

Now when you have understood the basics of putting a logo on your video it’s time to determine different ways. You must understand the importance of having a flexible logo and how it can help you. So let’s have a glance at various ways by which you can put your logo to prove that your videos are useful.

Using it as a thumbnail

One of the best ways to use a logo in your video is to create a thumbnail. This is what every YouTubers in today’s world does. A Graphic Designing expert can easily do that for you. Nowadays many video editors have also learnt the art of putting the thumbnail in the video at the end of their work. They put your logo right from the very beginning to the end in the timeline which will come as an original version in the video.

And it is very important to have a thumbnail on the video if you wish to attract attention and more impressions. Actually the thumbnail is the one symbol that will act as your introducer and you can put it either on the entire thumbnail or in a corner. That’s one way to imprint your logo in the minds and hearts of people who are watching you. So that whenever they watch something on YouTube or other video platforms they will know that it’s your image.

Using the logo in your video

Now the thumbnail is something that would be in the introduction part. Even when your viewer hasn’t started your video, they will see that thumbnail and understand your logo. But what if you want to ask people to save your channel? For doing that you will have to keep your MLM right from the very beginning to the end. You will often see a lot of video creators putting the logo in their entire video. They don’t keep the opacity of their logo high because that will surely ruin the viewing experience, but they do keep it on their videos throughout.

In today’s world this has become one of the best ways to keep a watermark on your videos. There are a lot of websites where you can get this feature. All you need to do is put your entire edited video there and select the logo you want to put in. Moreover there are a lot of video editors that offer this as their inbuilt feature.

Using the logo at the end of the video

So the next way to present your logo in front of your viewers, on the list is by putting it at the end of the video. You get an amazing logo design and create a last page using that. The page can sustain not only the logo but a lot of other things and this will create an impression in the minds of the viewers. Those who will watch your videos till the end I will also look at the logo and they will remember it afterwards.

By putting your logo at the end of the video you will also get an advantage of other countries as well. For example, if you want someone to sign up to your channel, tip you up for a video, or do something else-all of this can be done at the end.

Putting your logo on your YouTube channel

Yes the next way to create a buzz with your logo and integrated in your video is to make a universal emblem for your channel. This is not only important for a YouTube creator but for one who creates anything on any social media platform. Just follow the basic rules of creating a logo so that you can get an impressive one. Other than that we would also suggest taking cues from your competitors and then brainstorm to get the best results.

In fact a lot of experts have also recommended that putting a good logo as your YouTube channel emblem is important. Once you start making videos and people start recognising, you would not want to go back from that moment. And here is when your logo would be an impression in the hearts of the people they would look for whenever they come online.


Be it a logo for your website all your video we would always suggest that you should have a perfect logo design. This is of utmost importance because now in the market you have a lot of competitors doing the same thing in your vertical. So how are you going to create a segregated image? What do you think should be done to stand out of the crowd? Surely you are going to make the products in the best way they can be made but can’t there be an added advantage?

That can be done by creating a logo that would create a buzz. For that you can bank on the graphic design inspiration as well as the websites offering you the services of free logo making. Both of these things can help you in creating a logo that will be not only perfect but amazing for your business impression.

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