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You need to write about all the music on that program. Torke Michael Telephone book: https:youtu.bej85liYywp3M Beethoven Clarinet Trio in

You need to write about all the music on that program.
Torke, Michael –
Telephone book:
Beethoven Clarinet Trio in B-Flat Major, Opus1:
Franck -Violin Sonata:
The report needs to be written like an essay. No bullet points. They must be a minimum of 3 pages
I would like you to create a program that lists the titles of the pieces, the movements (if they have them), and the full name of the composers. This is in addition to this information being in the report. This information can easily be found on the internet. Here is an example of a basic listing in a program:
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Symphony #25
I. Allegro con brio
II. Andante
III. Menetto
IV. Allegro
Reports must be typed.Spelling and grammar will be considered.
Introductory section:
Date of concert:
Location of concert:
Name of performers;

1. Orchestra name if it is orchestra (do not list all the names in a large orchestra):

2. Name of conductor of orchestra:

3. Name of guest soloists if there are guest soloists:
Full titles of pieces performed.
Full names of composers.
II. The first piece
Title of the entire piece:
Full name of Composer:
Date of composition: Historical period:
How many movements and what are they called?
In general, what kind of piece was it (symphony, concerto, string quartet, opera aria, pop song, ballad, unspecific etc)?
How many movements did it have? More than one?
What seemed to give the piece a sense of unity?
What seemed to give the piece a sense of variety?
How was repetition used?
How was contrast used?
What was the texture of the piece? Monophonic, homophonic, polyphonic? A combination?
What was the melody like? Describe it.
What did the composer do with the melody?
What was the harmony like?

Consonant or dissonant? A little of both?

Was it more major or more minor?

Did it seem to modulate from key to key? Never? Frequently?
Did it have a steady beat? (Could you tap your foot to it?)
Could you tell the meter? Duple? Triple?
Was it very rhythmic?
Was it very syncopated?
How could you describe it?
What were the dynamics like?

Forte? Piano? A lot of variety and contrast? Pretty even and consistent?
What was the tempo? Fast, slow, in between?
What might the musical term for the tempo be?
Did the tempo stay fairly steady or did it change frequently?
Was there a type of articulation that seemed prominent? Legato? Staccato?
What instruments made the sounds?
Did different sections feature different instruments?
How could you describe sounds that seemed to stand out?
Was there a singer? Male, female? How many? What was there voice like?
Your reaction to the piece. (Did you like it? WHY?)
The concert probably has several pieces. You need to write about all of them.
V. Your overall reaction to the whole concert. What did you like best or least? Why?

Comments ON THE PERFORMANCE (not your opinion of the piece)

Comments on the concert experience.

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