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You will be required to write one 5-page reflection paper

You will be required to write one 5-page reflection paper (or essay) that explore any two of the chapters of the required readings.  You may choose any two chapters of the required test, 

The paper should be about one of the six topics listed below. Please use your book for background information, but you may also use other texts.  For citations, please use Chicago style with footnotes.  There should be no more than 12 point font, with double spaced lines. Each individual paper should have a detailed description of the topic chosen. In your paper you should include at least five examples, each chosen from everyday, ordinary life , that exemplifies the information you provide about your chosen theme. 

1.- The Meaning of Philosophy 

2.- Epistemology 

3.- Metaphysics 

4.- Truth 

5.- Deductive and Inductive Arguments 

6- Ethics 

In papers and on exams, please use inclusive words like “persons” or “people” instead of “mankind” or “history of man.” Inclusive language is suggested by a growing number of English professors. 

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